Why go to school when you can get the Leakage?

As we gear towards National Exams and even end of term/semester exams. Here are some thoughts on education.

Living by His Word

PencilsThe rampart cheating in 2015 was perhaps the most obvious and worst it has ever been on the Kenyan history. What really is wrong with our education system? What are we missing? What really is education? Why do you go to school? Just to pass exams?

What is education?

The Complete Christian Dictionary defines education as “Development of the mind and character”, or “A system of training and instruction, especially for children and young people”.

Education is a daily thing.  You are always learning, adding to the knowledge you have.  You are developing your mind and your character, as you are trained and instructed systematically in school.  You pattern your life after a lifestyle based on certain principles and convictions.  That is what character is.

What is it for?

The purpose of developing the mind and character is to make a personal contribution of goodness toward a better society.  God…

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