The Sacredness of Romantic Relationships – Part One

bibleheartOften most of us will get into romantic relationships for different reasons. Few of us really get to reflect on how important romantic relationships are. A number will fast, perhaps the only time they get to do it for more than a day and even visit the prayer center. Meaning they have an idea that the relationship is a great deal and they will need to trust God to lead them. Those are few, the majority tends to take it casually and make arbitrary decisions concerning the relationships.

But why are romantic relationships sacred? Why should they be taken seriously? Romantic relationships are sacred because of many reasons. Let us consider a few of them in this article and consider two others in part two.

  1. Romantic relationships are sacred because they form one of the strongest evidence of your encounter with the Gospel.
  • The Gospel caused us not to live for ourselves and our happiness (2 Cor 5:15). This means that we do not get into relationships for fun or personal gain. We know why God instituted them and so seek to honor Him in our motives.
  • Through the Gospel, we were delivered from the bondage of sin (Romans 6-8). Sexual purity is a great commitment for every believer. We do not remain pure because we want a glorious wedding or even have a steaming wedding night. Even though valid reasons, they would be meaningless if we never marry. We remain pure because we are Christians and God has commanded us to do so. Being able to remain pure therefore throughout your courtship period is a mark of Jesus redemption. We are now able to say NO to all forms of sin because the power of sin is broken.
  • The Gospel taught us to love graciously- an answer to the heartbreaks and selfish ways of relating among the young people. The rise in divorce even among believers is an indication of a high level of selfishness among us. We seek relief at every small discomfort and inconvenience. Even though these may not be the only cause of divorce, it sure is among the leading ones. The Gospel has taught to stick through hard times seeking the good of the other person rather than yourself. 1 Corinthians 13 is a classic of what love is.
  • The Gospel broke down the walls of hostility that divides humanity and made us one in Christ (Ephesians 2:14-16). How glorious is the fact that now you can marry across the boundaries even when your tribesmen  are fighting? Romantic relationships are sacred because they give us an opportunity to display this powerful truth to our families and friends who fight over such lines.
  • The Gospel demonstrates the permanence of the union with Christ. God will never divorce us. This is perhaps one enough to remain married to the person you gave your vows. Romantic relationships are sacred because they demonstrate the kind of relationship God has with His church. We will look at this deeper in the last point.
  • The Gospel has given us the opportunity to share life with our friends. Romantic relationships are sacred because they are a powerful witnessing tool to your non-believing friends. When your roommate is cohabiting with his girlfriend, when he dumps one and picks up another and when they sleep around without care, your conduct in a romantic relationship will be a strong witness. When you get into a relationship for the right reasons and walk in purity until your wedding day, the message will speak loudly.  Has your relationship prompted unbelievers to ask “How do you do that?”


  1. Romantic relationships are sacred because they play a role in the ending of the chain of the pain of dysfunctional homes.

The continual rise of dysfunctional homes in our country and the world is worrying.  Many of us come from homes where love and the meeting of basic needs are rare.  You rarely come across someone who has a godly heritage from home.  So it is very important that we take responsibility for breaking the chain of pain and lay foundations for the generations that will come after us.  In order to end this kind of hurtfulness, we must be deliberate in starting a new generation that fears and obeys God. This does not happen when we get married, it must happen now – before you enter into a relationship.  Many of us came from homes where people do not honor God and have no respect for His ways.  You are a light for that home.  When God saved you, He did it not just for you but for your family and the many generations ahead of you.  How do you want them to remember you?

The decision our grandparents made about their marriage and how they lived it has continued to affect us to this day.  Similarly, the decisions you make about your future spouse will not only affect you and that person, but will affect your children, their children, and their children’s children up to the umpteenth generation.  Taking this important relationship casually means taking the lives of those people casually.  It assumes that the people who will be born out of your union are insignificant and all that matters is your happiness.

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One thought on “The Sacredness of Romantic Relationships – Part One

  1. Fridah Kathomi says:

    Sure. Very true. It is an evidence of my encounter with the Gospel. Thanks Maggie for this piece.

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