Project ‘X’: A reason to retract our steps

I can’t add anything. Well articulated


By Bishop David Oginde

It most certainly caught almost everyone’s attention readily becoming the talk of town and easily upstaging the usual political rhetoric. The audacity of its adverts and the boldness of its promised recklessness was perhaps beyond what we are used to. Project-X challenged the safety of our discourse in every respect — especially on drugs and promiscuity. Parents have been waxing livid and the religious communities are off the stage, united in condemnation of the faceless organizers of this crude event. At some point, though, I wondered whether it was not all but a hoax. But I was duly silenced by some young people who confirmed that these parties do happen. For them, the only new thing was the brazen manner in which the organizers went public.
Indeed, further reading reveals that since the film by the same name was released in 2012, these kinds of events…

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