Ban on Sexual Content – Long Overdue!

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Yeah!  Its OVER!

Yesterday, 7th January 2016, something historic and worth noting happened in the media fraternity. The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) banned sexual content to be aired on Free to Air Channels between 5 am and 10 pm, a period that is known as the Watershed Period. The rules read in part  ”no broadcasting station shall air programs including interactive call-ins or discussion sessions, whose content is suitable for adult-only audience during the watershed period”

Director General of CA Francis Wangusi also went ahead to put a ban on the notorious shows  where cheating spouses or people in  debt are exposed on air. “Telephone calls or interviews must not be aired without informing the other party before hand,”  the code continues.

Further the regulator has banned any advert or content which are not suitable for children or which might cause them physical, mental, psychological or moral harm.” “Music videos with content that may be harmful to children in terms of lyrics, video images and dressing should be avoided during the watershed period when most children are likely to be watching or listening,”  the code states. The Media houses have six months to comply. How I wish it was immediate!

The advertising Industry has slowly but very subtly evolved from advertising a certain product to almost nudity and sexual stuff in almost every product. The fresh Fry ad, the Lux and Vaseline just to mention but a few were top most notorious in their communication. These products have nothing to do with sex yet the ads are completely xRated and you could not sit with your two-year old when the commercial airs. The adverts are sensual and difficult if not impossible to watch. The Bill Boards perhaps are even worse because they stay on for a couple of weeks and you have to put up with them every time you pass by them.

The Breakfast shows on almost all the FM stations are filled with nudity and explicit sexual discussions that are aired well in the morning as most of us go to work. Young and old alike are subjected to uncouth discussions that are shamelessly put across for everyone in the Matatu to listen to. It is even worse if you are in traffic as it is the ordinary case every morning. The worst part is if you try to make a case and  persuade the Matatu Crew to tune to another station! Usually your plea is met with hostility and suggestions to get into another Matatu. This ban really is a savior for the voiceless!

These directives were long overdue. At some point I had lost hope that the morality of our Nation had gone to the dogs. It seems that all is not lost. This post really is to congratulate Francis Wangusi for this very bold and courageous move to save the morality of this country and the future of our children. Let him know that I and many of my friends from the Christian fraternity are behind him fully in this particular move.

In the same directives, the Director has also banned the so called ‘seed’ preachers. This is something that I also believe should have happened a long time ago. As I had said in an earlier post, these guys do not represent the Church of Christ and most of them are con men that should be in jail for crimes of obtaining money falsely. Any none believer out there should be aware and should only respond to an altar call when the TRUE Gospel has been preached.

Anyone who purports to preach the Gospel and preaches a different one is an enemy of the Cross of Christ. His destiny is destruction, his god is his stomach and his glory is in his shame! (See Philippians 3: 19).  Banning them on TV and Radio may not bring them to their end but it serves a warning to the non-believer to look for a Gospel-centered Church and for the believer to go out of their comfort zones and preach the Gospel to a lost world.


One thought on “Ban on Sexual Content – Long Overdue!

  1. Charles Ndichu says:

    Thats so wonderful Maggie,I bless the Lord for you. tz has really ministered to me. I pray that everyone out there will come across thiz article(s).keepup the good job!

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