The Rot in our Schools and the curse of the A grade

Living by His Word

This is a guest blogger, a friend I respect. This is exactly what is in my heart. This article was written for the KSCF student convention Magazine.

30 pieces of silver and a bowl of dengu stew: the prize for “excelling” at the expense of character!
by Ronald Amaganga
Bio: Ronald, a missionary teacher in Marsabit County, ministers with CITAM Northern Frontier Missions (Marsabit); he is also the interim chair of KSCF Marsabit Team; he is married to Elose Muthoni
KCSE results this year attracted a lot of attention including that of a parliamentary committee – MPs felt that there was more than meets the eye in the ranking and non-ranking of certain schools. And indeed, there was. It emerged that there was a Mumias-based conman who had impersonated the KNEC CEO and managed to make lots of money from school principals in return for better grades. The saddest news…

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