Drugs Make Rags

Great piece by one of us at Timazi


It is 7 o’clock again, the Premium Gold time for advertisers; family time for parents and their children; and how can these be minus television!

The advertisers cloud every break as they shove assorted merchandise at already tired minds, making commercials the seeming programs to follow. With the whole family religiously gathered around and glued to the TV, it is unseemly to have Ads that compromise on social values! This has though taken a back seat as money is what buys the eyes of TV viewers!

Featured imageAds on alcohol today are arguably more prevalent on national television than has been the case traditionally. Oh the music, faces, diction, setting and movements that combined create a dire craving in consumers! Though faint warnings are sounded, buyers must be wooed to cater for the costly advert. What a paradox though that the loyal consumers are intentionally ousted when recruiting brand ambassadors/models!


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